How to Vape Properly?

How to Vape: What does vaping properly mean? Explore in-depth information about vaping and find something for everyone. Learn about understanding vape devices, vape product types, cartridges, and more.

What Is Vaping?

Vaping is a relatively new way of consuming cannabis that is quickly replacing smoking as the preferred method by many cannabis users. It involves using a vaporizer device or battery that uses heating methods such as convection or conduction to heat cannabis material at lower temperatures than smoking, which involves combustion of cannabis material by flame at high temperatures.

What Is Vapor?

Vapor is generally seen as being less harsh than smoke, which can be irritating to users’ lungs and airways. Additionally, it can be less invasive than smoking which helps when discretion is key – vapor can be less noticeable in most cases when compared to smoking cannabis. Either way, vaping is an easy entry level method of consumption for new users and those looking for a different way of consuming their cannabis.

Here’s a quick guide on how to properly vape:

Select Your Product Type

Cartridges: Prefilled with cannabis or CBD oil, cartridges can be a great option for those looking
for a no-fuss, on-the-go option. Simply select your favorite cartridge and pair it with a 510 battery such
as Vuber’s bestselling PULSE battery. While simple to use, cartridges can be very potent for new users –
so it’s important to know your limits if you are new to vaping.

Concentrates: Offered in different textures, consistency, and types, cannabis concentrates are
extracted directly from the cannabis plant and often contain the highest THC concentrations. The
product is applied directly to a heated surface to create vapor. Concentrates are often selected for
consumption due to their potency and efficiency – often, a little goes a long way!

Flower: Available in a seemingly endless variety of strains, flower is cannabis it it’s most
recognizable form. It can certainly be vaporized using the appropriate hardware. The resulting vapor is
often less harsh and not as noticeable when compared to smoking. This can be a great way for new
users to cannabis to get introduced to vaping! Note: You’ll want a grinder or some other way of breaking
up the flower into smaller pieces in order to fill the vaporizer oven.

How To Vape Properly

Prepare Your Equipment

1. Ensure your device is charged.

  • Make sure that your vaporizer device has an adequate amount of charge on its battery. Ideally, you’ll have a full charge before getting started.

2. Load cannabis product in your vaporizer.

  • After selecting your product, load up your vaporizer. For concentrates and flower, dose out a small amount of product into the heating chamber or surface. Ensure that the vaporizer is not over-loaded.

3. Power on the vaporizer.

  • Consult your vaporizer’s user manual if you’re unsure of how to power on your device. It is typically 5 clicks of the button to turn the device on & off.

4. Adjust the heat settings if desired.

  • It’s recommended to start low, and gradually work your way up to higher temperatures. At lower temperatures, the taste of the naturally occurring and added terpenes tend to be most noticeable. Higher temperatures tend to produce more vapor, but often at the expense of flavor.

5. Inhale and enjoy!

  • Gently draw vapor through the mouthpiece – use the same type of action as though you’re sipping a milkshake through a straw.

6. Repeat!

  • Reload your vaporizer (if applicable) with product or start up the heat cycle again to keep your session going.

7. Cleaning and Storage.

  • In order to keep your vaporizer in optimal condition, you’ll want to periodically clean your vape and ensure proper storage when not in use.
  • Wait until the device has cooled before cleaning any parts. 
  • Use a cotton swab dipped in 70-90% isopropyl alcohol to clean any residue or residual product.
  1. Cartridges: Disconnect the cartridge from the battery and store in a cool, dry place. Use the alcohol-dipped swab to gently clean any residual oil off of the area where the vape cartridge attaches to the battery.
  2. Concentrates: Allow the nail or heating element to cool. Use an alcohol-dipped swab to clean off excess amounts of oil off of the nail or other surfaces. Ensure alcohol is dried off of the device before re-using.
  3. Flower: Empty the oven of your ground flower and clean out any residual flower left over. Using the alcohol swab, gently clean the surface of the oven to clean residual product off of the oven. Repeat as needed.
  • Consult your user guide for more information about cleaning your vaporizer.
  • Be sure to wipe and/or rinse away any alcohol that is left on the product during the cleaning process. Ensure that all parts are clean and dry before use.

Consider Your Surroundings

Despite its rapid growth in popularity, the written (and unwritten) rules still apply. In most states and jurisdictions with legalized cannabis, the laws often forbid public consumption as well as consuming while driving. Be aware of the laws and regulations in the state where you’re consuming.

It’s also important to know that while vaporization does reduce the smell of cannabis, it may not eliminate the smell. Consider vaporizing in an area with adequate ventilation if discretion is desired. It never hurts to have a candle, or some room spray handy to reduce any lingering smell.


Vaping may seem overwhelming at first but by following the steps above you’ll be vaping in no time! It’s as easy as gathering your product and vaping hardware, finding a secluded or private spot and powering on your vaporizer to get started! There is a wide variety of products available for vaping and it’s as easy as heating your product and inhaling.