Bibobi Nano disposable vapes have been designed to introduce people to the world of vaping with a hassle-free, straightforward device.
Draw-activation: To access your flavour, all you have to do is inhale. No buttons, no lighters, no screens.
Cost-effective: These kits are affordable, and much more cost-effective when compared to buying a pack of cigarettes!
Hundreds of flavours: There are hundreds of flavours to choose from so you can find your favourite or keep exploring new opportunities, you’re bound to find a flavour you love!
A disposable device is compact and will fit comfortably in your palm, pocket, or bag. 
Disposable kits arrive prefilled with e-liquid and will arrive fully charged so they are ready to use as soon as they leave the box. 

Bibobi Nano 700 Puffs Disposable Vape Pen