Gdip Dip And Dab Vaporizer

The Gdip Is A Unique And Muti-Functional Concentrates Vaporizers.
The Innovative Crush Ceramic Or Quartz Vapor Tip Atomizer Is A Convenient And Simply Way To Dab Without A Rig And Torch Or Any Coil Heater For More Pure Tastes.And The Vapor Tip Atomizer Allows The User To Lad The Dipper Like A traditional Pack-And-Go Per But Get A Time Dab Hit.
The Heating Element Of Gdip Make It Possible To Vaporize Your Extracts Effortlessly.

Key Features:


*Instant-heat coil                                
*Ceramic Vapor Tip                                  
*Quartz Vapor Tip                                                                
*Compact Design & Durable                                                        
*1000mAh Rechargeable Battery                                    
*Mini Glass Bubbler