We develop and manufacture electronic vaporizers, electric enails, vape batteries, cartridges and smoking accessories. All of our products have passed multi certifications to meet global market regulations. Also we design and produce exclusive projects for great clients and provide custom/private label service on our own products.


Portable Vaporizer:

A Portable Vaporizer is a mini, handheld device that allows users to vape anytime, anywhere. 
Due to its small size, it is often discreet that making it ideal to use in a variety of situations without getting attention. 
These vaporizers come in a difference of sizes as well as shapes and are compatible with dry herbs, concentrates and essential oils.
Portable Vaporizers also produce excellent vapor quality in multi features like adjustable wattage, variable voltage, temperature control or more.
Choose portable vaporizers and gently enjoy customizable experience.


Desktop Vaporizer: 

Desktop Vaporizers are table style devices that apply variable features making them the perfect choice for the users who prefer daily vaping at home. Equiped with convection technology and temperature control modes, these vaporizers are the most efficient devices without wasting any materials. They usually include a variety of accessories such as bubbler attachments, glass adapters or multi-use tools for fresh, smooth and variable sessions.

CBD/THC/D8/D10/HHC etc thick oil disposable pens, vape cartridges

Over the past 8 years, Greenlightvapes has become an established leader in CBD/THC/D8/D10/HHC etc thick oil vape hardware design and manufacturing earning multiple awards in the USA. Greenlightvapes has pioneered the vape system with disposable pens, vape cartridges, exchangeable pods, batteries, becoming the most reliable vape device partner and the come out top vape device manufacturer in the industry.

 Greenlightvapes operates two custom engineered, high volume manufacturing facilities near the headquarters Shenzhen. Greenlightvapes is proud to be one of four companies in the CBD/THC/D8/D10/HHC industry to have both ISO9001 and GMP certification.

 Advancing from its continuous innovation and powerful R&D ability, Greenlightvapes releases new vape device collections every year. Greenlightvapes collections distinguish themselves every year and help customers do the same.