Due to the rapidly evolving nature of the vape industry, it is important for businesses that sell vape products to stay on top of recent trends. New innovations as well as regulatory changes can affect the best-selling vape products available for store owners. There was a period in time when vape mods ruled the vape industry, as well as prefilled vape pods like the Juul.

Currently, disposable vapes are among the top selling items for vape businesses. Disposable vape devices require little product knowledge, which makes it easier for convenience stores and smoke shops to sell. Specialty vape shops, which pride themselves on product knowledge ,are still very helpful for adult vapers that are interested in refillable vape devices. Refillable vape products are easier to use once the vape shop employee explains the product setup with the buyer.

This article will investigate some of the latest disposable vape trends on the market today. When store owners are deciding which disposable vapes to buy at wholesale prices, it is vital to know which products have some of the latest features that adult vapers prefer.

Many of the hottest disposable vapes that have gained popularity in 2022 are the rechargeable disposable vapes. As disposable vape pens increased in size and e-Juice capacity, vapers tended to see that the battery would die out before the vape juice was all used. Vape manufacturers solved this problem by placing a rechargeable battery inside of these disposable vapes. Whether a shop owner is looking into purchasing wholesale Hyde Mag vapes, or Elf Bar vapes at wholesale prices, they should know which one of their disposable vapes have this unique feature that helps it stand out. Vape customers that prefer long-lasting vapes will typically prefer the rechargeable disposable.

As we previously discussed, vape distributors and businesses have been purchasing high-puff count disposable vapes at wholesale prices at a higher rate in 2022. Higher puff count disposables have become the norm for most vape manufacturers. Many vape brands that have been around for years are releasing newer, longer lasting vapes to appease vapers. Draco vapes, which provide up to 6500 puffs per device, are currently the longest lasting vape on the market today.

Disposable vape devices started out as a very basic vape device. They often utilized a tiny internal battery and a basic coil that used a polyfill material soaked in vape juice. As the market for disposable vapes grew in popularity, manufacturers have put a larger emphasis on disposable vape quality. One feature that has long been in refillable vape pods, is the mesh coil. Mesh coils provide a larger surface area for the coil, which in turn heats up more vape juice and provides better flavor. Disposable vape manufacturers recently have added this feature to many disposable vapes, which has provided a high quality experience for adult vapers. The VaporLax disposable vapes, BOBO vapes and Draco vapes all use mesh coil technology to provide superb flavor in every puff.

Some vape manufacturers, like Vaal Vapor, have taken it a step further. Shop owners interested in purchasing the Vaal Max Vapes for their vape store, will get a product that has a dual-mesh coil. This unique coil has even greater surface area than a standard mesh coil. The new Vaal Vapor disposables also use a WideWick feature that provides a more pure e-liquid taste in each hit.

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